Fabric Flower Headband

Fabric Flower Headband

5/8″ Stretchy fold-over elastic headband with 5 petal kanzashi flower, 2 rolled rosettes, a round 5 petal flower and 5 petal flat round petal flower, embellished with rhinestone, gem and cabochon.


Fabric flower stretchy headband


Back of headband, mounted on card

Flowers were hand sewn using cotton quilting fabric, purchased from Walmart and Joann’s Fabrics:

  • 5 petal pointed kanzashi flower: (5) 3″ folded in quarters and sewn on round edge
  • 2 rolled rosettes: (2) 4×6″ rectangles in light turquoise
  • 5 petal round flower: (5) 2″ circles in navy folded in half and sewn on the round edge
  • 5 petal flat round flower: (5) 2.25″ squares in turquoise with light turquoise flower print folded point to point to make a triangle and sewn on the legs
  • 18″ of 5/8″ navy fold-over elastic

Butterfly Ribbon Sculpture Hair Bow

I LOVE getting outfits for my nieces for their birthdays or holidays, and making hair bows to match. It is so fun to customize the kind of bow I think they would like and then matching the colors and styles.  I usually end up with my most creative bows that way, because I’m not afraid to mix and match colors, since I know they obviously will look nice together since they look good on the outfit. The best compliment is then seeing them wear the outfit and matching bows 🙂



3 Layer Butterfly ribbon sculpture hair clip bow


The outfit the butterfly was made to match

All ribbons are 3/8″ grosgrain

  • Outer wings: 8″ and 6″ of hot pink
  • Middle wings: 7″ and 5″ of yellow
  • Inner wings: 6″ and 4″ of apricot
  • Antennae: 1″ of aqua to make 2
  • Head roll: 2.25″ of aqua – Holding ribbon with alligator clip about one eighth of an inch sticking out of the end, place a dab of glue on that one eighth of an inch and wrap the ribbon around the clip and then secured onto the glue, making a small circle. Wrap around one more time and secured with a dot of glue on the back of the same spot, making a head with two loops.
  • Body: 1.25-1.5″ – Fold one end of the ribbon in half and slice a backwards V to make a smaller neck portion. Measure about a half to three-quarters of an inch flat body and then glue the bottom together lengthwise to create a tail. I think it looks better with the tinier body that doesn’t overlap the end of the clip. Keep body more like three quarters of an inch so that it is long enough for the head and antennae to go above the wings.
  • Clip liner: 4.5″ of aqua
  • Jewel: approx 5mm jewel for body embellishment