Ribbon Flower, 2 Layer Large, 4 inches wide

I made one of these for my niece for her 1st birthday party, as a Minion theme.

But I didn’t write down the measurements, so I’m just trying to recreate it, 2 years later with a Trolls theme. Here’s what I’m trying…

Top small flower bow: (2) 6″ of 3/8″ ribbon in 2 colors, I chose fuchsia and hot pink.

Bottom bigger flower bow: (2) 8″ of 3/8″ ribbon in 3 colors, I chose white, mint green and turquoise.

Spikes: (2) 4″ of 7/8″ ribbon in 2 colors, I chose turquoise and fuchsia. V cut ends.

Seal ends of all ribbon with a lighter before beginning. Find center and layer ribbons on the center of a pin. Glue centers so they won’t shift. Add each petal by pushing onto pin, then gluing as well.

After making the new flowers, each layer came out just a bit smaller than the ones on this minion bow, at 2.5″ wide. I think that the top layer of ribbon was more likely 7″. The 2nd bow came out to 3.5″ wide whereas the Minion one was closer to 4″ so it was probably 10″ ribbons. And the spikes were probably 4.5″ or 5″.


This cutie is highly popular, and little girls love it, however, it is very tedious to make and takes close to an hour to complete.


Date Created: 2/25/17
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Time to Complete: 50 minutes
Pricing: $9.00
Materials Needed:
  • grosgrain
    • 7/8″ white
    • 5/8″ pink
    • 3/8″ various colors for the main and bangs, I chose:
      • neon pink
      • neon orange
      • ansi yellow
      • neon green
      • island blue
  • 1.75″ salon alligator clip
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • lighter or flame
  • googly eyes
Measurements: (and what the pieces are for)
  • head: 2″ of 7/8″ white
  • ears: (2) 1″ of 7/8″ white
  • nose: 1″ of 5/8″ pink
  • neck: 2.5″ of 7/8″ white
  • hair: (1 of each color makes mane and bangs) 2.5″ of 3/8″
    • neon pink
    • neon orange
    • ansi yellow
    • neon green
    • island blue
  • horn: 3-4″ of 3/8″ ansi yellow (cut in half long ways, makes 2 horns)
  • (2) 7-8mm googly eyes
  • clip liner: 4.5″ of 3/8″ ansi yellow
Sorry, no tutorial available yet for this one. ¬†Please add a comment below if you’d like to request to see instructions on how to make this bow.