Mercatili Segilia Park, Moosic, PA

I had seen the sign so many times driving by, but couldn’t see anything from the road at a fast speed, so we never checked out out until now. ¬†We had about an hour to kill after dropping off the kids oldest sister had a dr. Appointment. So we stopped at Mercatili Segilia Park. We were very excited when we pulled up I noticed a bright colorful playground with large grassy area to play.

The first thing I noticed when we pulled up was a large Pavilion on the left side with several picnic benches.

Then as we walked there was a large grassy area, big enough for kickball games, and surrounded by a 10 foot wide paved track, perfect for walking around while the kids play or letting little kids learn to ride their bikes on a flat surface.

As we walked further we noticed there was a smaller playground for kids around 3, and a bigger playground for kids 5 – 12 as it was labeled on a sign.

There were also a few Teeter totters and rocking horses. There were two baby swings and two bigger kids swings comma with long chains so they could swing nice and high.

There was even a little covered patio with benches for the parents to sit and watch the kids play.

There appeared to be a path going back into the woods but we didn’t check that out. The whole park was surrounded by bushes shrubs and trees, plenty of fun play area for older kids too.

There are plenty of places in the park for lots of sunshine but also spots to hide in the shade. I hate it when we go to a park and there are no shaded areas. It definitely would love to bring the kids here again!