Tongue Style Cloth Diaper

I followed a pattern to make this diaper and since this was my first time sewing a cloth diaper, I took lots of photos along the way.  I’m going to try to change the pattern a bit more to my liking. But for now, this should help me remember how I did it.

Cloth Diaper Sewing Adventures

I am new to sewing, but started sewing my first cloth diapers a few days ago.  First I tried a combination pocket/all-in-one, but I wasn’t so happy with the extra material in the back.  It was listed as a one-size-fits-all, but it was too big for my 2 month old.  The smallest rise setting wouldn’t fit all the fluff in the back inside.  So I had to put it on the 2nd rise of snaps, but the belly snaps were either too tight or too loose.

So I moved on to a different pattern, one that a paid for and downloaded.  Let me tell you, the Very Baby pattern is by far my absolute favorite diaper ever!  And we had tried tons.  I  had purchased a handful of diapers from a friend that were made by Nana’s Bottoms.  So I did some research on her and read that although she uses her own pattern apparently, her diapers and very similar to the Very Baby.  So that’s when I decided to give it a try.

The ones I already had were a Medium and fit my little 2 month old perfectly, so I decided to start with that size cause it seems like there is room for him to grow in them.  I was surprised at how well I did, being it was only my 2nd diaper ever sewn (and only about my 5th sewing project ever).  I was even able to complete the whole diaper in 1 evening (after the kids went to bed.)  So I made him another one the next night, and was just as happy.  for us they easily took him through a whole morning, his first diaper change of the morning up until another change before nap time 4 hours later.  No leaks either and they feel very trim on his bum, not so bulky (and the bulky one always leak.)

Today I decided on a new diaper, I wanted to sew some of my prefolds into fitteds.  I tried this tutorial by Arfy.  I wasn’t impressed with my own work, very sloppy, but it is much more difficult to keep several layers of cotton flat and straight on the edge than flannel and PUL.  So I think I’ll try another prefold-to-fitted tutorial next and we’ll see how it comes out.