Strawberry Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip

Strawberry Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip

Date Created: 10/2016
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Time to Complete: 15 minutes
Pricing: $3
Materials Needed:
  • grosgrain
    • 5/8″ red with white polka dots
    • 3/8″ emerald green
  • 1.75″ salon alligator clip
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • lighter or flame
  • needle and thread
Measurements: (and what the pieces are for)
  • strawberry: 2.5″ of 5/8″ red with white polka dots
  • leaves: 1.75-2″ of 3/8″ emerald green
  • stem: 1.5″ of 3/8″ emerald green
  • clip liner: 4.5″ of 3/8″ (whichever color you like, white, green…)
I like to clip a small bow like this onto a bigger bow, or even glue it directly onto a bigger bow.  If you mount the strawberry on a alligator clip, it can be work in the hair like that, or you can clip it onto a bigger bow.
Sorry, no tutorial available yet for this one.  Please add a comment below if you’d like to request to see instructions on how to make this bow.

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