Pinwheel with 7/8″ Ribbon

Picture (7).jpg

Pinwheel with Tails (7/8″ hot pink)

  • 17″ of 7/8″ hot pink ribbon made into pinwheel with tails on 3″ template
  • When running threads through, only look at the front and don’t be concerned about the back of the ribbon.
  • Thread the needle through two stitches on each piece of ribbon up through the middle just like on a bow tie. That makes for a nice cinch.
  • Next did 7/8″ white 16″ long, perfect.

Pinwheel with No Tails (7/8″ periwinkle)

16″ of 7/8″ periwinkle on 2 3/4-3″ template

Pinwheel with Tails (7/8″ orchid)

  • 14.5″ of 7/8″ orchid ribbon on 2 3/4″ template
  • 40 mm ribbon lined french clip

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